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Warming up Your Space

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A false fireplace and an artificial chimney can give a very warm feel to a room. These can be developed using paint and can turn an ordinary room into a traditionally styled room. For someone who is very enthusiastic about challenging creative projects, this can prove to be a nice activity that ends in something exquisite. Depending on your choice and space, the chimney can be little or extensive. Fake steam rocks can be used to give a chimney or fireplace a mountainous look.

The dimensions of the room, as well as the chimney or fireplace and the shelf, are what need to be focused on. The shelf can be decorated with different types of borders and paint. Different patterns can be dyed on using enhancement procedures such as a troubled pattern can make chimney look old fashioned and antique.

You will need the following to make this project happen:


  • Paints
  • Pieces of shelf
  • Measurements
  • Level




First Step:

Paper down the idea you have in your mind. You need to know the elevation strategy, dimensions, and position. You can also use a computer to develop the idea or have a friend who knows how to, help you with it.

Second Step:

Use a level and different objects to outline the shape of the chimney or fireplace wherever you would like to have it.

Third Step:

For a fireplace, decide whether you want it to be leveled with floor or elevated. Look up design ideas on the web and then paint accordingly. Try different techniques for shading and coloring.

Fourth Step:

The chimney can be marbled, bricked or simply wooden styled depending on the size and color scheme of the room.

Fifth Step:

The center of the firebox should be painted plain flat black. This will give a hollow shadowy feel and the effect of an actual fireplace.

Sixth Step:

Before getting started, you need to decide some things like if you are going to buy a ready-made shelf or will you build it yourself? Do you want to make it look natural or painted? Many more such questions need to be answered before starting the project of making a chimney or a fireplace.

Last Step:

Make it look amazing but including brass, glass or fabric to the chimney or fireplace. You will never regret adding these to your décor and receive unlimited appraisals for this piece of art.