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Upcycling Broken Chairs

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A broken chair doesn’t have to be the end of it. There are so many ways of upcycling broken chairs and bringing them back to life in a more creative way. Below are a few innovative ideas that might help in making use of that broken leg or back of a chair.


How about using the back of a chair as a wall holder that gives a very antique and classic look. You can mount the back of a broken chair on to a wall and then add hooks to it or hang old loaf pans to it for holding stuff.

The headrest of a spindle style chair can be mounted and used as a holder for flower pots. All you need to do is screw-in two to three hose clamps, depending on the size of the top, and then fit in some small sized pots. This piece can also be used as a picture hanger by nailing pins into it and then hanging the pictures from those pins.


Is there a defaced folding chair lying around? Why not replace the frame with a fiber-board painted with chalkboard paint. Voila! You have a chalkboard.


Using the backs of vintage chairs with a bench can turn it into a French-style bench. All you need to do is attach the sides of an ordinary bench with the backs of chairs of an antique design. Paint it nicely and you have a typical French bench ready to be placed on a lawn or garden.


If a chair is missing its seat, it can be turned into an ideal garden flower pot by placing flowers in its seat frame.

The seat along with its back and armrest can be painted and used for a swing which can be hung both indoors and outdoors.

Broken legs of a chair can be mounted on the wall as a frame for mason jars, which can be used to store multiple tiny things.