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The Dull Gold Burgundy Look

Category: Luxury Finishes Techniques, Date: 15 Mar, 2019 / Share Post:

Tools and equipment:

  • Burgundy (dull gold) and dark brown latex paint.
  • Glaze latex mixture.
  • Roller and sea sponge.
  • Plastic sheets.
  • Cloth.


Preparation Steps and tricks:

Step 1:

First and the foremost important thing is to clean the wall you are planning to paint. Dirt on wall can affect the paint application and color results. Our naked eye cannot see the minute dust and dirt particles on the wall, so before applying paint clean it thoroughly.

Step 2:

For this faux look, start with the base. Apply the selected burgundy (dull gold) latex paint. From egg shell to sheen low paints, there are variety of looks you can go for. These amazing base & glaze designs have many options for all types of home décor.

Step 3:

Prior to getting the look on the wall it is best to give it a try on a foam board so that you can assess the colors properly. You can check its result in different lights and various angles.

Step 4:

Once you have made your mind and selected the color and room, it is time to prepare the room. Cover up the fixed furniture and move extra things from the room so that you have good space to move around. Cover the floor with plastic sheets so that the paint work does not destroy it.

Paint Decoration:

Now that you have made your preparations and selected your color shades, it is time to begin the paint game. Begin with the base coat which is the burgundy (dull gold), apply it with a paint roller.

Once you are done with that, in a liner tray mix glaze (latex type) in a nice 4:1 ratio. Start with applying the latex glaze layer of deep brown color over the basecoat. Keep on doing so until you cover the full surface.

To get the final textured finish make use of the sea sponge. Sponge is dipped in water prior to paint. Create the pattern of your choice. Make sure you keep a consistent pattern, only then you will get your desired look. Throughout this paint work make sure your paint tools have fresh and wet paint.