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The Basic Feng Shui of your Home

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New beginnings and new looks that are all what fall is about, so what better time to do some re-decor your house? Feng shui, the old Chinese routine of making concordance amongst individuals and their environment, is an extraordinary approach to renewing the vitality in your living space.


1. Taking out the Distraction

The primary element of Feng Shui is to give your room a clear calm ambiance. For this you need to be focused on what should be in the room and what not, anything that does not allow peace and focus in your room should not be there. You do not have to throw things out, just adjust them somewhere else.


2. Selectiveness is a perk

When getting things for your home be very selective and picky. Not everything you see or like would fit in. If you like something, visualize it in your home or in the space you would put it and if it fits then go for it. Getting rid of extra stuff is a good idea too, it gives you more space and enhances value of your home. Do not go it all at once, little steps to clean can work good too.




3. Mirrors and light

Mirrors and lights have an odd yet powerful impact of depth in your room. They both balance out each other’s effect, where mirrors do an amazing light up job in the day time, in the same way the lights work at night. There are various types of lights, each work differently, warm, sunny and white are the basic descriptions of lights. In the same way, mirrors are of various kinds too, some create depth while some just add a soft value.


4. Seats and arrangements

The sitting arrangements should cater the socializing need. For example, in a TV lounge all seats should be arranged in a way that the TV is clear and conformable to be seen from all sides. At a dying table go for round placement of seats and so on.


5. Space is essential

It is very important that you clean up your home time to time. Make space, get rid of useless space occupying things, keep the hallways and corridors clear and free this not only gives a clean look but a feel of them being wide.

By doing so you create the actual meaning of that room too, when you only keep things that belong or define that room you are also creating its profile at the same time.