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Using the stipple texture technique, you can give a more subtle look to your walls and hence to your interior décor. Compared with the cloth rolling style or the wiping technique, stippling portrays a suede-like texture on the wall. Gather these before getting started.


  • Paint roller and brush
  • A large paintbrush with soft bristles
  • Base coat paint
  • Paint for topcoat ideally of a different color



First Step:

The first step is the application of the base coat. This can be of any color depending on what final texture you have in mind. It can be applied using a roller brush.

Second Step:

The second step is stippling. Wait for the base layer to dry and then apply the top coat. Apply it in panels and start from the floor making your way up to the ceiling.

Third Step:

The third step needs to be followed quickly so as to not allow the top coat to dry. Develop a pattern using the large soft brush, by dabbing it onto the wet paint. Keep the brush damp by simultaneously staining off the residue paint from the sponge. This will give a rich finish and it will also help the paint from breaking off.

You can also experiment a little with trying out more than one color of the top coat. Simply dab the soft brush into the third paint.