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Renovating to Maturity

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Just like populating a wardrobe or makeup stash with clearance sale items, you can make do with a lot while renovating without having to spend a lot. Following points explain how.

1. If you have any extra acrylic paint lying around it can be used to enhance an existing rug into new. You can find extra pieces of carpets at various home depots and make use of these to give a new look to your room.



2. You can do the same for cushions by painting existing cushion spreads or covers. You can look up tutorials that explain how to do this. It is really easy and an expense-free way to renew your cushion.

3. Repainting your dresser is an easy way to make it look new. You can also experiment with texture paints and try different designs. Simply adding a new mirror can also bring the right change and eBay offers a variety of options.


4. Painting rugs with the appropriate texture and paint and hanging against the wall can result in a new headboard. Doormats and other rubber mats can be used for this purpose as well. You can look up tutorials that explain how. Headboards can also be made from recycled wood. You can repaint a discarded door and reuse it for a headboard as well.

5. You can recycle an existing rack to be used as a side table. Re-paint it, or buy a cheap one and use it as a side table along the bed or sofa.


6. An old crate can be painted and decorated again with hairpins to give an exotic and eye-catching look.
These few tips might help re-do your space without having to spend too much and give a very interesting look at the same time.