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Refurbishing with Chalkboard Paints

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An old or unused armoire can be redecorated to make it a fun place for children. Chalkboard paint can be used to give it a magical, fun-filled and playful look to it from the inside. It can also be used to decorate a room with a theme.

Surface preparation and priming are an important element of any painting project. It ensures that the work will last a long time.

Chalkboard paints are not hard to find since almost every paint manufacturer makes it, but it is commonly available on only two colors: black and green. If you’re looking for other colors try searching the web for an online seller. These things are required before beginning to paint.

Things that are essential:

  • Sandpaper
  • An armoire
  • Wood putty
  • Primer
  • Paintbrush and roller
  • Chalkboard paint


Steps to follow:

Step 1 – Surface preparation:

  • Remove gloss from the wood by using average garnet paper. Don’t forget to wear eye protection, gloves, and a mask.
  • Fill scratched with wood filler and wait till dry.
  • Now grit the entire surface with a fine garnet paper. Dust residue off with clean strips.
  • Make sure all excessive residue and wood fibers have been cleaned so as to get a smooth finish.

Step 2 – Priming:

  • Primer is necessary for uniform painting and proper adhesion of the paint.
  • Paint the entire surface with a good quality primer.
  • Chalkboard paints consist of water and not oil, hence they require a very good latex primer that also supports stain blocking.



Step 3 – Guide to Painting:

  • Select the chalkboard paint of highest quality and color using a tool that is recommended by the manufacturer. It can be a roller, foam brush or a nylon brush. Two coatings are usually enough to achieve a lasting finish.
  • It usually takes a week for the paint to completely set in. You can also rub chalk horizontally over the entire surface and wash it with a wet cloth. This way the chalkboard paint will last for years.
  • Chalkboard can also be used for stenciling out a theme, letters or numbers. You must always select colors that complement each other and the environment they are applied in.