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Let your exterior surfaces smile bright and beat the heat with color & protect range of Brighto Paints. Stun yourself with the graceful range of shades.

Let your attitude be worn by your walls. Harmonize your mind with the colors of your personal space.

Luxuriate your lifestyle with gleamy and graceful finishes to tune your space into an ultra-modern life.

Give a colorful life and protection to your metal surfaces with heart-warming finishes.

A perfect final finish is impossible without a perfect surface preparation so, get your hands on pro products.

Let your wooden surfaces taste healthy and soothing finishes with a bonus of wide variety of beautiful shades.

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Technical Data Sheet

Get the know-how of hazardous ingredients, reactivity, health hazard data as well as precautions for safe handling. We fascinate our architects and designers with a complete and technical guide designed to be used on properly finished interior and exterior surfaces.


Brighto 360°

Avail the classy services for the professional network and bring a new life to the architecture. Get assistance with amazing array of tools include color assistance, paint calculator, unit convertor and one and only Brighto color studio.

Brighto All

Our pro network is offered an exceptional color machine with 1100 captivating shades. Just imagine and we will create it instantly!

Luxury Finishes

Let the pro user set well-crafted color schemes and use auto-generated designer palettes by choosing any shade.

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