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Paint your home, Color your lifestyle

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Inspirations from home

Show your colors on your walls. Your walls can be a great source of inspiration. While selection clothes, shoes, bags or any other accessories our core focus is on the colors, style and fashion are followed. In the same way, your home gets life when painted with best colors. Brighto paints have a unique range of inspiring colors for UAE’s glamorous life.

The story book

Your home has a story of its own, each room has something to be said, an unheard story. We try to bring out a room by adding things to it, where in actual all it needs is that color which will bring out its true value.

Active, neutrals and passive

These are the three basic color classifications. The Actives are the bold colors that ignite fire & spice in your room, such has maroons, reds, yellows.

The neutrals are the shades that give your home a calm sensation. Colors that create balance, such as beige, white, grey and so on. For a nice balanced room that says it all you should go for such shades.

If you are looking for a comfy ambiance, opt for the passive family. These colors involve blues, greens, purples, pinks and other such soft shades.



Create a theme

The best way to give life to your room is create a theme according to its use. For example if it’s a study room, keep the colors passive, match the room accessories with wall colors. In the same way you can do for the other rooms of the home. Adding different type of lights, like lamps, lowlights and spotlights can give your room a different look at night time.

Planning and execution

This is the part where you bring all your ideas down, organize them and go forward for execution. To understand your color theme you can make use of a color wheel or color palette book. Make sure to define a color family or same tone colors. Once you have figured it all out, you are good to go.