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Paint Blocking Technique

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Coloring a wall with blocking technique is an artistic way of transforming a room. This involves using several colors, minimum three, and painting them in blocks of shapes on a wall or a door. Ideally, this technique should be applied on a single wall and then enhance it by placing furniture or accessories such as a lamp or a pot in front of it. The result is simply exquisite.

You will need the following to get started:

  • Level
  • Pencil
  • Pattern making tape
  • Paintbrush and roller
  • Paints


Steps to Follow:

Step no 1:

Plan the design on paper. Make sure the shapes you select are geometrically correct and in balance. You also need to take into consideration what will be the final effect both in terms of dimensions and colors.

Step 2:

Selecting the right palette of colors is an essential element and this must be done with careful consideration.

If you choose colors from one shade card, select them in varying intensities for a monochromatic look. Another option is to select colors that appear opposite to each other on color wheel. To give a more dramatic look, combine a couple of harmonious colors with one tone of black or white.

For a playful look choose shades that complement each other on the shade card, like yellow and violet.

A color wheel can be very helpful while selecting colors. Choosing colors of similar tone but varying intensities can help achieve a balanced look. Playing with colors of varying tones can be tricky and needs practical experience to make it work. Always keep in mind that whatever you are doing on paper might not have the same effect on wall. Hence plan accordingly.

Step no 3:

Once planning is completed, start off by outlining shapes on the surface with a pencil.

Step no 4:

Paste the painter’s tape on the outlines and then start filling the blocks with the designated paint.