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Mood Elevating Colors

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There are various color scheme options when it comes to decorating a home. Among all these colors some may actually be helpful in giving a good boost to your mood especially making you feel happier and bringing a sense of joy around the atmosphere.

Basically, there are two colors that elevate emotions to a cheery side, green and yellow. Scientific research suggests that these two colors produce a joyous impact on the beholder. A university in Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit, conducted a survey to identify the impact of different colors on human mood and behavior. Results show that people usually feel happier and more cheerful aroaund these colors. This effect can be traced back to the colors of nature. It goes without saying that nature has a very positive effect on emotions and both these colors are found abundantly in trees, flowers, sunshine etc. So it is only customary that you use these colors to lighten up your space and bring out the positivity in the atmosphere.

If you’re wondering where to begin, Colortek is your one-stop shop for wallpapers and paints that radiate freshness of both these colors. Our wallpapers and paints can be used in combination or standalone to give the right hue that you’re looking for. Our wallpaper collection called “Oxygen” consists of just the right tones of green and yellow that can elevate a room. These wallpapers in combination with the right accessories and furniture can set the room to its right tone. And these options are not limited to the interiors only. These colors tend to bring out the best of nature on exterior walls as well. Find out examples of these combinations on the link below, and visit our nearest outlet to explore and invent the perfect interior/exterior for yourself.