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Painting a Ceiling with Ease

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If you are thinking of painting a ceiling and are no pro, you’ve landed in the right place. Before getting into technicalities, what you must know is to never paint a ceiling in dark colors such as mauve. If you still do, make sure to paint it back to any neutral shade before selling your place. Other than that always select a matte finish of paint for ceilings, nobody likes a glossy ceiling.

Tip No. 1: Select tools

First and foremost is the selection of right tools that are both easy to use and save time both on painting and clean up. Here’s what you need:

  • Tarps, minimum 2
  • Home Right Quick Painter Edge Painter
  • Home Right Paint Stick EZ Twist
  • Paint, preferably with zero VOCs
  • Rags
  • Ladder
  • Home Right Steam Machine (optional)

Tip No. 2: Selecting Paint

It is necessary to choose a good high-quality paint so as to limit the number of coats as well as avoid bad paint smell left around. No VOCs in a paint identify that there will be no toxic fumes emitted after application and is not a health hazard to anyone.

  • Before painting the ceiling, you need to follow the following steps:
  • Clear out the room.
  • Get rid of fixtures and repair holes.
  • Cover the floor with tarp corner to corner.

Let’s get painting! Following steps explain how

  • Start with a corner and paint the edges using the Quick Painter.
  • Assemble and load the Paint Stick EZ Twist with paint. You can follow the instructions provided with it.
  • Get the roller running by twisting its handle and rolling over a surface until paint begins to flow evenly. Paint the ceiling away.
  • While you wait for the first coat to dry, wrapping the edge painter and roller in cling wrap will protect the brushes from drying.
  • Repeat previous steps to apply another coat if necessary.
  • Lastly, clean up the mess. You can use a large kitchen sink or a bathtub to wash the brushes. To get rid of residue paint drops, Home Right Steam Machine comes in handy. It helps avoid any tiresome scrapping and scrubbing.