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Paint Storage Ideas & Tricks

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It is not easy to buy paint every now and then, so once we buy it we try to increase its storage life by keeping it safe. But the issue is that many of us do not know how to store the remaining paint properly. Here are some amazing tips and tricks that will surely help you in increasing the storage life of your paints.

How to be cautious about paint drying out:

Your paints can dry out if the containers are not closed properly. If you have paints of same color, you can combine them in a single container, this way the container will be fully filled and air would not let it dry.

Paint lit can get jammed:

After finishing your paint work, clean not only the area but also your paint container. The wiped off or residue paint on sides can rust the container and also cause the container top to be jammed up. Wash the cover properly and clean the top prior to storing it in your storage.


Temperature storing, very important factor:

Paints are flammable, in extreme hot storage or direct exposure to sun can cause them to catch fire. However, if you store paint in cold places they can go hard which again means they are of no good.
Hence, it is important to store paints in room temperature areas for long life.

Keep paints above ground level and away from children:

It is really important that you keep the stored paint away from reach of children, as they can be toxic. Keep the stored paint containers on heighten shelf areas, this way they will be away from reach of little children and also safe from spillovers. Keeping paint containers at ground level exposes them to different dangers, like water spill, oil and so on.