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Is Your Paint Going Bad?

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If these this are happening to you, your paint job has gone bad.




Bubbling or blistering is the most common result of a bad paint job. This is mostly caused by the presence of water residue underneath the paint surface. This slowly leads to paint wearing off and leaving you with patches.

Vanishing of color

Color losing its element or fading is another problem you will face if you do not opt for good weather shield quality paint. This usually happens when you buy cheap paint, especially for external paint jobs. Exposure to sunlight, rain and other climatic factors can easily make cheap colors fade away in no time.

Wrinkling or flaking

If your paint starts falling off in patches, or you can see clear wrinkle lines in it, this means that your paint surface was not properly prepared before applying the color. If soapy formations are found on the surface of the paint, the main cause for it is the redials of natural minerals within the surface of the house. To avoid this it is best to prepare your paint surface properly before painting it.

Oily flashy look

After completion of the paint job, eventually with time if the surface starts getting glossy or shiny patches this means your paint has gone bad. The primary reason for such a result is cheap paint and weak workmanship.

Runny paint

Cheap paints also tend to runny down as it rains. You can clearly see the color running down as droplets fall and on the floor after the rain. Leaving you with small unpainted areas.