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How to Paint: Top 5 Guidelines

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Every activity in life needs a specific tool or guideline to carry it out properly. To print a picture you need a printer with ink, to cut an apple you would need a knife and so on. Setting the angle or giving the right command are all part of these activities.

In the same way to paint you need to know what tools there are and how to use them. You just cannot give a command paint the job is done, you actually have to do it yourself.

So for all those DIY paint lovers, here are some basics of painting tools.

Brush Textures

For oil paints, the natural bristle brush is best to work with and for latex paints go for synthetic brushes.

Walls and Ceilings

Rollers and metal frames attached to an extendable pole are your best tools for painting high ceilings and walls.

Sheets and Covers

Covers and sheets can help you protect areas that do not need paint on them. You can spread it out or cover and tape up your precious items. Mohair and Lambskin are the kinds that will last for long. However, if using acrylic paints synthetic sheets are your best choice.

Bucket and Paint

Last but not the least, it is very important to get a paint bucket for you to draw out the approximate amount of paint that you need. This way your paint gallon is safe and the paint does not dry out. Moreover, a bucket is easier to carry and use as compared to moving the whole gallon of paint everywhere.


It is best to keep an extendable pole to paint high-end areas. This pole should have a screw and lock option to give a secure grip of the roller.