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Four Interior Décor Pointers

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While decorating your house yourself can be a creative experience, it is good to know how an interior designer would look at things. Following four pointers might help you get on the right track.

1 – Curtains

Curtains should be hung closest to a ceiling and should cover 10 to 12 inches of window sides. The higher the curtains the higher will the ceiling look. The wider the curtains the larger will the window look. Traditional curtains should be hung about a couple inches from the ceiling. Roman shades should cover the window only and not any wider.

2 – Furniture Spacing

A common practice is to line up the furniture against walls to make room for moving around easily. This, however, is not the right way, instead, sofas should be arranged such that people are easily able to chat and do not have to shout out to one another in the same room. In a most comfortable setting, sofas or chairs must not be more than eighteen inches apart. Stools can be a great help in such an arrangement, especially for bigger rooms. Ideally, a sofa should be at least a foot away from the wall or window.

3 – Cluttering

Always avoid cluttering tables and shelves with unnecessary decorative items. It’s not only unsafe around kids but also makes cleaning harder and tedious. Kitchens are most prone to cluttering but you must try and keep things tidy by arranging them in cupboards.

4 – Lamps

Symmetry always has its charm and when it comes to lamps, it is always ideal to have lamps of similar heights in a room. If they’re not then you can always use books to match them. Matching height lamps give rooms the precision they require.