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Brushes and Their Strokes

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Like every tool has a different result and use, in the same every brush has a different stroke. While painting, we do not take this into consideration and most of us end with a bad paint job. There is are a few tips for you to understand the mysterious world of paint brushes.

Types of Brushes


If you want a smooth sleek finish of your paint job you should opt for a natural brush. The unique element of this brush is that it is made from hairs of animal, hence giving you the sleek work. The animal hair textured brush works perfectly with oil paints due to the natural flexibility and split ends of the hair.

If you are opting for latex paint the synthetic brush will do the magic for you. This polyester haired brush gives you the solid paint grip you need to paint strong strokes.

For even, a more professional look, try the blended-bristle brush which is a combination of polyester and nylon.


For different areas, you would need a different size of the brush. For large choose the 4 inches brush. For small narrow areas like windows, your best choice should be of 1-2 inch brush. The 3-inch brush works perfectly for painting shelves and doors.


Use a straight cut square brush on flat and smooth surfaces for an equal paint balance. The angled brush type is best for small and narrow places, however, for really inner small places chisel trim brush is your best tooleir.