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Add Value with Evergreen Shades

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Are you planning to sale your house and build a new one according to latest design and decor trends? You must be looking for a good price then! It’s the paint that can do the magic and will make it more valuable. Painting inside as well as outside your home will add more value to its worth.

Smart choices of colors and coatings surely influences the buyer. Do you want to add an impact of your choice on your buyer? Do you want your buyer to see your place as relaxing, spacious and of course appealing?

So, be ready for a quick guide to make your space perfectly relaxing.

Add Value to your Exterior

First impression is the last impression! You must have heard this, now it’s time to implement this at your house. The Greige tones, which are actually a combo of grey and beige shades, makes the house look great. Houses with brown and tan exterior walls are less likely to be appealing in a first glance.

Kitchen Area

Bright tones like red or yellow are perfect for commercial kitchens like Mcdonalds, KFC, etc but for a house lighter tones of blue color adds to the value of your place.

Entrance Door

Colors for front door that complement greige tone of your exterior walls are charcoal, navy blue and dark grey hues.

Living Room

Go for neutral shades when it comes to your living room. Most of the people enjoy colors like pale taupe, beige, honey dew or oatmeal.


Make your bedroom calming with light cerulean shade. Cadet blue is also a good option for bedroom.

Drawing Room

Once again, we recommend bluish hues. The blue tones like slate blue or pale greyish-blue will add to the grace of the drawing room.


Lavender, purplish blues, powder blues and periwinkle are good choices for bathroom with white and silver bathroom sanitary and decor.