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5 Questions You Should Ask your Painting Contractor

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As painting your home is an investment of time and money so, one should proceed wisely. Do you know what to ask your painting contractor before hiring one for your precious space? Here are the 5 most common concerns of homeowners:

Do you have a team/crew of trustworthy people?

You must have complete information about people who are going to enter your space. There are several events reported in UAE regarding the dishonesty of employees. Don’t let anyone enter your home by the name of painter.

Are you licensed?

Always ask for the contractor to show its valid license to work in your town, if you are unable to get original license verification, don’t hire them at all.

What about your Warranty?

You have a right to know all details regarding the warranty of the product and the services provided by the company/contractor. So, never feel shy to ask about the warranty and choose the best for your home.

How experienced are your painters?

Experience matters a lot! Your painting project might get ruined only because of inexperienced painters so, you must ask about the experience level of the painters that are expected at your place. Also! Ask if they are providing any special training to their painters or not.

Are you gonna use branded material?

The quality of paint and painting tools surely matters a lot. A substandard paint applied using old brushes can never give you a finish you are dreaming of. So, a quality paint also needs worthy tools to make a heartwarming final look.