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5 Facts You Must Know Regarding Paint

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Renovating or starting from scratch, paint is the most economical and easiest way to bring out the ideal look you are looking for. Though it may seem simple enough, yet there are a few things you must know before getting your hands dirty.

Following five points will help you in selecting the correct paint as well as applying it efficiently.

1- Irrespective of whether you are trying out different colors, textures or finishes, it is essential that you get an idea of how it might look on a wall. Color a piece of cardboard and put it up against the wall. It is the best way to test.

2- Location and surroundings of a house must be taken into consideration before painting. Dark and shady areas can make colors look dark. Bright colors might make a well-lit area brighter than needed. In a double story house, upper portion looks better in darker tones.

3- If you are painting in a cold weather, you should use an exterior paint that can take low temperatures. Usually, common paints can tolerate a minimum of 50 degrees. A good exterior paint can take up to 35 degrees.

4- To ensure even paint application, you should keep the nap size of a roller in consideration. The rougher a surface, longer should be the nap size.

5- A good paintbrush should be just as important as paint. Brushes of China bristle are suitable for a paint that is oil-based. Although there’s a chance that its bristles would break over a rough surface. Paint brushes made of nylon are ideal for paints of high quality as well as acrylic paints.The bristles of a nylon brush blend more nicely and they are flexible enough to be used with multiple paints. You should not spend less than $9 on a three-inch brush.