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3 Vibrant Shades of 2018

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The previous year, 2017, set its tone in warmer and more neutral shades of color. It was mostly about beiges and camels, pastel shades of bright colors and colors closer to nature. This year, however, these palettes have taken a sharper turn towards bold colors. It has been about reds, ultra-violet, and colors in metallic tones. Vibrant colors enforce a sense of energy in their environment hence everyone has shifted towards these trends which seem to stay put for the next year as well.

For someone who hasn’t yet had the chance to play with these exciting palettes, or is shy not to take a risk with such bold colors, following colors might help set the right picture for an appropriate setting.

Caviar Black

Who would’ve thought black could be used in interior decorating. Nonetheless this tone of black sets right on the tip of charcoal and has just the right balance of black and grey in it. It has the tendency to complement furniture in darker shades. It has just the right amount of seriousness about it which can set the mood for a business environment.

Statement Turquoise

For an expression of boldness, this is the exact color to apply on one wall of a room. It can also highlight a brightly lit room with the energy it transmits. This shade of blue can illuminate the entire space irrespective of the ratio it is applied in. Use it to color the whole room or just on an accent wall, it will look simply amazing. If this seems too much or just not right, there are multiple other shades of blue that interior designers prefer listed here.

Sunshine Every Day

Talking of bold bright colors, how can sunny yellow be ignored. This goldenrod tone of yellow is the exact cheery yet cozy shade that can enlighten a room specifically for kids. It can be used both in accent and in entirety. The organic natural feel that it brings to a room is just the right amount. Valspar has selected their Golden Ochre as the color of this year.