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Imitate Stone Look

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When it comes to textured paints, there is a vast majority of options available. These options are also easily accessible for a simple homeowner at various supermarkets or big paint franchises. If you have just the right skills, these finishes can be easily accomplished using granite or Venetian plaster.

A more artistic look can be achieved using the following procedures. Always test the idea on a rough unintended surface before painting it on the intended surface directly, for best results. One of these textures is the faux stone look, which gives a very wonderful vintage appearance and is hence usually the choice of artistic people. You will need the following things to paint this texture.

Things you require:

  • Paint roller and brush
  • Paintbrush used by artists
  • A chalk or a pencil
  • Paint for the base coat
  • A rag
  • Some glaze mixture


These steps below elaborate on how to make this work.

Step no 1

Before starting to paint, it is important to rid the surface of any mold, dust or webs. Clean and wash the surface thoroughly and then let it dry.

Step no 2

Having a stone texture in mind, select the base paint accordingly. It can be in eggshell or light sheen texture. Paint the color in two coats and then let it dry according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

Step no 3

Prepare glaze mixture with 1 part paint (latex) and 2 parts glaze (latex). Using the rag, dab this mixture on your complete intended surface and then let it dry.

Step no 4

Trace out the shapes of stone on a piece of foam, cardboard or directly onto the wall with a pencil or chalk. Keep them proportionate.

Step no 5

Using the artist’s paintbrush, outline these shapes onto the wall and then blend and paint it in with earthy tones of paint.