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How to Reuse Crib Bumpers

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When it comes to using bumpers in cribs for our child’s safety, it has been made very clear that they are much more of a hazard than a safety measure. There are potential risks of strangulation and entrapment along with the very well-known fact that these bumpers do not exactly protect children from injuries. Yet almost every crib bedding set even from good renowned brands, contain bumpers for the crib. Now that you’ve spent all that money on a decent bedding set you wouldn’t want to waste these paddings, would you? Following are a few ideas that may help in using these paddings in other ways than just crib lining.


  • These bumpers can be useful in covering the railings of the crib in order to protect the child from biting on the railing and then swallowing paint. By carefully crafting them to cover the railings, they are both useful and safe.
  • You can also place these paddings over the railings of curtains so as to give them a classy yet decorative look. Curtains can look pretty enhanced this way.
  • They can be used as covers for pillows or even as a pillow for a little baby since their height is ideal for a small child.
  • Instead of giving your kid a pointy unsafe set of blocks to play with, these bumpers can be given the shape of a block so children have something fun to play with which is safe at the same time.
  • These bumpers can also be used in the form of a cover for cushions that can be placed on a sofa or a bed and give a nice decorative look to your furniture.
  • They are also useful if artistically placed on a wall.
  • They can also be used inside a car seat or carrycot to give the baby a bit of leverage.