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Looking for cost-effective yet creative ideas? Get smartest ideas to modify your place.

Design & Ideas

2018’s Top Shades of Bathroom

The first and last place of your day is the bathroom. To be more in detail, the bathroom of your home is the place where you have come up with many ideas, prepared many presentations, a place where you are not judged for being you. When a place holds such importance, it is a must […]

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Designer Palettes


Merge East and West for exotic decor that’s perfect for dreaming grand dreams.Exotic and sensuous cinnabar-red with a hint of orange is favored by the East.

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Brighto 360

Visualize your Space

Imagination and reality are two different spectrums, not always what we imagine is the same when it becomes reality. The sun, the moon, and the lights play an important role in painting a wall. While imagining we leave out small details, through Brighto Paints you can actually visualize your space with the colors of your […]

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