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Fantasize your life with ultra-modern implementation of colors and their blends. We offer you a dramatic collection of exterior as well interior products. Grab some popcorns and enjoy out of the box ideas and projects. Find best thing for your space!

Let your exterior surfaces smile bright and beat the heat with color & protect range of Brighto Paints. Stun yourself with the graceful range of shades.

Let your attitude be worn by your walls. Harmonize your mind with the colors of your personal space.

Luxuriate your lifestyle with gleamy and graceful finishes to tune your space into an ultra-modern life.

Give a colorful life and protection to your metal surfaces with heart-warming finishes.

A perfect final finish is impossible without a perfect surface preparation so, get your hands on pro products.

Let your wooden surfaces taste healthy and soothing finishes with a bonus of wide variety of beautiful shades.

Brighto 360°

Allow the colors to bring balance and harmony in your life with Brighto’s exclusive tools, advisory, color palettes, mood board, and so much more. We promise you 360 degree flawless services.

Product of the Month

Brighto Supermastic Emulsion Silk is durable, formulated with 100% acrylic binder and bio-resistant additives. It is lead and formaldehyde-free.


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Get high sparkle and high luster with a hot shade of the month.

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