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Getting Connected with your Home

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Your home is your place of virtue, then why aren’t you connected with. There are simple things you can do within your home that will help you in your daily routine.

Home for tasks, tasks in order

  1. A stitch on time saves the nine. Do the small early morning chores at night so that you have time to other important things in the morning. Such as put out tomorrow’s outfit, make your bag keep files arranged.
  2. Keep things in their place. Keys and coats near door, shoes in closet, laundry in laundry basket. Do not do all this all, make it a rule.
  3. Create a proper home schedule, keep things out and up front that are used the most. The clocks should be set ahead of time like 5-10 minutes and do not tell anyone.
  4. Keep clocks in all rooms. Alarm clocks are a must for kid’s room. Make it their habit to set alarm for the next day.
  5. Check mail and get rid of unwanted ads or else in no time you will have a big pile of junk.

Organizing 101

  1. Assign space and area to all things. Like in bathroom, keep small containers for hair accessories, make-up and other such small yet handy things.
  2. Shampoo, soap and other shower related things should be near the shower area. In the same way hair brush, tooth brush and other such things should be near the bathroom vanity.
  3. Make sure toilet papers are enacted and an extra one is kept nearby.
  4. In room closets, make maximum utilization of space. Add extra shelves if need and try to keep everything within that domain.
  5. Weekly or monthly go through your closet and pack-up things you do not need. Your junk might be someone else’s treasure.
  6. Add small shelves within the room too, and roads for hanging cloths. These are good tools especially for kid’s room, this teaches them where to keep things and how to organize on their own.

Management of Kitchen

  1. Kitchen is a place that can be organized in the most convenient way. Define drawers and cabinets to specific types of things. This way you would and everyone in your home would know where to find what.
  2. Things that are used occasionally should be kept in store room or pantry. Keeping them with kitchen will only mean space being occupied.
  3. Try to keep outer shelves and counters free from things and clean. This gives a spacious feel of the kitchen area.
  4. Do a weekly check of things that are needed. While doing so also check expiry of products and throw out rotten stuff. Make a list of things needed, this way you will always be in control and aware.
  5. Arrange your fridge the same way too, assign space and compartments for specific type of commodities.