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Furniture for Compact Spaces

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Small spaces are a pickle when it comes to organizing furniture. Even interior decorators find it hard to set up a compact space. So if you’re doing it yourself then the following pointers might help get you started.



Choose Compact and Smart Furniture

All designers know that furniture that fits perfectly in a compact room is the best. For example, a sofa that shows its wooden arms and legs but has a nicely and tightly stuffed seating. A dining table with thin yet a bit longer legs. A bed that has a simple but elegant headboard. It all about simplicity when you don’t have a much room.


Furniture with Storage

Furniture that comes with storage is ideal for small spaces. It can help achieve both style and practicality in one go. Like a convertible sofa that can turn into a bed, or a coffee table that’s actually a trunk, or beds with drawers. There are quite a few options when you get to think about it.


Mounted Furniture

You can save a lot of floor area in a compact room by mounting the furniture on the walls Such as a bookshelf, or TV, a study table, and ironing board, or even a small dining table. Doing so can make a small room bigger and more visually appealing.






Translucent Furniture

Furniture that has open ends and gives a view if the other side is helpful in creating a spacious impression of a room. Such as a table with a glass top, a bookshelf with an open end, a bed with wrought iron headboard, etc.