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راهنمای پس از اتمام نقاشی FAUX با صفحه مشاور

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Faux painting is also known as faux finishing, basically used to design or paint different surfaces and give those surfaces a classic and elegant look by using different techniques. The object or surface on which the design or paint is applied can be walls, floors or furniture as well. The method or tactics that are used in this process basically started to reproduce materials like wood and marble on surfaces like walls, floors or furniture with the help of paint and design. This finishing gives your object all over a new look by giving your walls, floors a new look of marble or by changing the all over shape and look of your antique furniture into a new one, The trend of faux painting is increasing rapidly.

A major and main advantage of faux painting is that unlike other paints and design which we use in normal use, faux painting is cheap and less expensive as compare to them. A major benefit of faux painting is that it can be renovate just by a single coat of paint rather than to change the whole design or wallpaper again

There are several different methods which are used to decorate or paint which resemble wallpaper and are used often. These techniques are marbleizing, glazing, graining, sponging and ragging.

Glazing is basically a designing method in which there is mixing of water or it could be a mixture of oil paint with water, could be any other special compound which is when applied on the object distributes itself into different form of layers after some to time and  bring effects in the look of object. This type of emulsion can be used to make a rough surface look shiny and uniform.

Marbleizing is a technique in which the wall or the painting is painted in such a way that it looks like marble stone work. This can be achieved by using plaster of paris to make stone like impressions on the wall and then painting these impressions in the image of marble stone by using glazing technique thus giving the impression of a marble wall instead of a regular wall.

Graining which is also known as wood graining or fake wood is a technique in which the area is painted is used in such a way that it gives the impression of an expensive wooden wall interior finish or a fake wooden wall.

Venetian plaster is also used in faux painting to give a smooth finish to the walls thus it is the method of choice used in interior decoration in present times. This venetian plaster is made from ground limestone and marble dust.

Rag paintings is a technique in which old worn out rags are used to create a work of art on the walls thus giving a great and artistic finish to the walls at a minimum expenditure.

Sponging and Fresco techniques are also used in faux painting and it gives the viewers the illusion of observing one thing as another thus the name “fake painting” is used.

These type of paints are cheap and long lasting as compared to other expensive means of home decorations. This is useful in decorating older homes to look expensive and stylish at a low cost to ensure maximum style and luxurious look.