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Décor Trends for 2018

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While staying creative and intuitive, the Colortek® team is always working on developing new designs and colors to keep the clientele inspired. With the advent of 2018 Colortek® launches the all-new interiors collections featuring wallpapers, colors, and paints that accommodate and introduce new trends in interior design.

This collection satisfies your need for flexibility and exclusivity by introducing out of the ordinary yet graceful patterns, textures, and colors. It allows you to break free of the traditional coloring trends and experiment while playing it safe.

Collection: Autumn

This set identifies the subtle comfort in the transition from one season to another. These tones reflect simplicity and balance. It reflects the necessity of change in a comforting manner.

Collection: Enigmatic

The purpose of this collection is to cater to the needs of representing energy and serenity both in the same space. These colors can decorate both complexes as well as simple spaces.

Collection: Genesis

This collection embodies the idea of a tranquil mindful life that allows you to revive yourself with grays, misty greens, and beige browns. It allows you to take a break from bold colors and their variability.

Collection: New School

A set that expresses confidence and optimism, this collection takes its inspiration from the younger group of customers, who thrive on the colorful expression of themselves and everything around them.

Collection: Oasis

This set combines elevating tones to neutral ones. The concept of contrast comes to life with this palette and the final look comes out to be refreshing and energizing for an interior.

Collection: Travel

We all have a sense of independence and connecting with the people around us. This palette combines tones that bring innovation and neutrality on the same page. Earthy hues and watery blues bring balance to the palette.