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Creative Wood Works

Category: Reusing and Recycling, Date: 11 Mar, 2019 / Share Post:

For a classy vintage look nothing works better than a little influence of wood with a decent log cut. These easy DIY will give you an amazing décor, that too in cheap. Here are some amazing ideas that will surely bring out the interior decorator in you. If you have some extra logs of wood lying around, here is the perfect opportunity for make them of use. Woods are an organic source of decorative accessories which can bring out a fresh aroma in your room.




You can go for an amazing shelf top with a cut out of wood log. This extraordinary mix of modern and vintage look will give you a completely innovative décor. Keeping the zigzag edges and natural look of the cut out log can surely add great value to your interior.


Take a piece of wood log that’s raw, cut out a whole in it and you can get yourself a sophisticated decorative accessories to put things in it. Place some decent scented candles and you got yourself a waterproof organic candle stand. You can also cut out log in to small pieces and use them as cup coasters.




We have given you some amazing creative ideas on how to make use of the extra wood in your home, now it is up to you that how far you are willing to bring an organic fresh change in your home. Remember, wood can easily be changed into something new, you can carve out things from it in to time.