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Color Of The Year 2019

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Ultra Violet Pantone

Brighto Supermastic Emulsion Silk

Brighto Supermastic Emulsion Silk is a premium quality waterborne paint that provides an attractive sheen finish. It is suitable for new and previously painted interior surfaces like plaster, cement, brickwork, woods, asbestos sheets etc. It exhibits high scrub resistance. Brighto Super Mastic Silk is durable, formulated with 100% acrylic binder and bio-resistant additives. It is lead and formaldehyde free.

Product Uses and Application

Brighto Supermastic Emulsion Silk is superior quality acrylic based emulsion for interior coatings. Such as concrete, gypsum etc. For application, the surface must be sound, Clean, dry and free from dust, oil etc. On chalky and dusty surface all loose material must be moved. Filling imperfections with Brighto Stucco after applications of primer. This paint is ready to use, if thinning required, add maximum 15% water.

Brighto Color Palette



  • color-of-the-year-2019-living-coral
  • color-of-the-year-2019-living-coral
  • color-of-the-year-2019-living-coral