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Merge East and West for exotic decor that's perfect for dreaming grand dreams.Exotic and sensuous cinnabar-red with a hint of orange is favored by the East

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Luminescent 3


A luminescent interior shines with hospitality and warmth.When you decorate with the luster of yellow, you illuminate your home.The brightest hue of the color wheel, yellow beams, growing more radiant with the addition of white.

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Luxurious Spun


Surround yourself with elements of luxury to transcend everyday life. Pamper yourself and create an atmosphere full of luxury and abundance that speaks to you. A palatial hue, violet sometimes moves imperceptibly, between warm and cool. Push the limits of monochromatic decorating and combine warm amethyst-red-purples with clean, clear violets that have a bluish base.

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Disclaimer:- Colors may differ slightly from photos due to different monitor resolution and settings