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Once can get much more discreet and stylish décor through stippling as compared to wiping and cloth rolling. The end result from stippling gives a soft suede-like appearance to your wall.


  • Roller and paint brush
  • Soft-bristled large brush
  • Coat paint for solid base
  • Topcoat wash or paint (different color)



First Step:

To get started, you would first need to apply the base layer paint. You can go for any color tone; dark or light your choice.

Second Step:

Once this layer is completely dried out, you can start the stippling. In 12 inches wide panels from floor to ceiling, start applying the topcoat.

Third Step:

Now you have to move quickly for the pattern. It works like this:

By using soft-bristled large brush stab over the wet area of the paint. For this you need to preserve the brush moist and keep it absorbent, hence you would repeatedly have to stain-off the extra paint off the stippling sponge. This technique helps in creating richness in the finish as it supports in breaking up the color of the wall with very tiny dots.

Mostly this process involves two colored topcoat, but you can always go a little wild by adding more colors to your topcoat. To add more colors follow the same process, once you are done with second topcoat color use a soft brush to dab the third color onto your design. Enjoy your old wall with a new chic look!