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A small table project for your home

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Here is a complete step by step easy guide for you on how you can get different types of tables in your home.


The vintage table

With simple home tools you can get yourself a stylish vintage table. For this job you would need basic paint of your choice, paint brush, a floral impression for the design and a sponge. If you want to change the base color, its best to paint the table first and then move towards painting the design. Going for soft colors would be a great idea.


Basket to table

You know those baskets you have in your home, which you might have bought for a picnic. So if the picnic doesn’t seem to be happening, it can come use in a great way. By locking the casters to for supporting the basket and painting the whole thing a nude shade you can get yourself a cute moveable storage table.


Shelf up those benches

If you have few of those old wooden benches at your home, here is an easy way to convert them in to something that can help you organize things. Sack the benches above each other giving you shelf look. Paint them in color of your choice. It can be a small study desk and a bookshelf at the same time.

In the same way you can use an old step ladder as a side desk or a corner table. Place a lamp or a plant on it and your room has something new in it.

Chic Console tables

The console table is a slim strip of wood, which is half way supported on wall with the help of screws whereas the remaining is in air. Now a short visit to a bazaar or a flea market can help you get the wood you need. To make it of your own type, you can go for leg supports for the table rather than nailing it on the wall.